August Precision Complete Detailing Packages



  • Cleaned and treated with selected UV inhibiting water based dressings
  • Carpets and pile are vacuumed, shampooed and extracted
  • Leather surfaces are cleaned and conditioned
  • Windows are deep cleaned
  • Motor bay lightly cleaned extra $20


  • Pre-rinse the entire vehicle
  • Degrease the bottom portion of exterior
  • PH neutral foam bath
  • 2 bucket method
  • 100% Hand wash using a natural sponge starting with hand washing the roof on down
  • Insect removal, blast cleansed the wheel arch, and hand clean rims
  • All surfaces are clay barred
  • Hand dried
  • Exhaust pipes cleaned
  • Apply Reload paint protection
  • Windows deep cleansed to remove dirt and grease
  • Dress tires using a special ultraviolet blocking agent

Estimate time: 3-4 hrs
Durability: 3-4 months
Protection: Opti-Seal Coating

Starting at $250.00

​*Slightly more for vans, trucks and SUVs and price adjustment for excessively dirty vehicles.


  • Thoroughly vacuum all interior areas, including under and between seats, behind folding seats, trunk or rear compartments
  • Meticulously steam cleaning of all interior seats, plastic and vinyl panels, center console, dash and door panels, air vents, cup holders, and pockets.
  • Thorough santizing of headliner and seat belts, to lift grime and deep dirt
  • Carpets, mats, and trunk are scrubbed by hand and hot-water extracted
  • All vinyl and plastic surfaces are shield coated
  • All leather and Fabric surfaces are protected from friction and staining with Leather and Fabric armor. This is one of the best investments in the car care industry.


  • ​Pre-rinse the entire vehicle
  • Degrease the bottom portion of the exterior
  • Foam canon bath
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • PH neutral foam bath using a 2 bucket method
  • 100% Hand wash using a natural sea sponge starting with washing the roof on down
  • Insect removal, blast cleansed the wheel arch and hand clean rims
  • Tar removed
  • Iron-X applied
  • All surfaces are clay barred
  • Hand dried
  • 4 stages of compound and polishing, removing 90-100% of defects
  • Paintwork cleansed using an intense oil & polish cleaner
  • Wheel arches dressed
  • Tires coated that last the long haul
  • Windows are clay barred, machine polished, and glass coated; lasting up to 2 years
  • Exhaust pipes cleansed and polished
  • Apply several coats of Crystal Lacquer Gloss: lasting 3-5 years depending on storage
  • Wheels removed and deep cleaning inside and out and coated with C5 Wheel armor
  • All chrome/stainless/bright work cleaned & polished
  • ​Receiving, shipping, transport and handling
  • Process & studio photography for personal or commercial use
  • Full Undercarriage and Engine By Cleaning/de-greasing the included in this detail as well as engine bay dressing (by customer request)
  • Car is placed on scissor-lift to access and clean underside of bumpers, under carriage, rockers, suspension components, and fender liners for proper cleaning.

Estimate time: 1- 1 1/2  weeks
Durability: 3-5 years
Protection: 3-4 Coats Of Gtechniq Cyrstal Serum Light & 2 Coats Of Gtechniq EXO

Call (800) 910-1489 for pricing.

View a slide show of a recent complete auto detailing by August Precision’s Automotive Appearance Specialists™.

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