Bob Ingram Porsche Collection Restoration by August Precision

Bob Ingram Porsche Collection Restoration Photos of 918 Porsche by August Precision

When the world-famous Porsche collection belonging to Bob Ingram and visited by car aficionados such as Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno was partially destroyed in a gas fire explosion, Mr. Ingram called on August Precision to help restore some of the rare and antique cars. August Precision was essential in the restoration of four of the cars to their former glory. 

Bob Ingram, a former pharmaceutical CEO, has been known in recent years for his gorgeous collection of rare and antique Porches. A self-proclaimed “car guy,” when he was growing up, Mr. Ingram would ride his bicycle past the local automotive dealerships to see the new models every September. A friend introduced him to Porsche in the 1970s, but it wasn’t until 1998 that Mr. Ingram and his wife, Jeanie, began amassing their own collection. The 1998 Monterey Automobile Races inspired the pair to begin the collection, and they have housed and cared for the cars since then.

The Ingram collection is not only impressive; it also chronicles Porsche’s history through the presence of its road-going cars within the collection. Many of the cars are distinctive and unique models. In addition to this, Mr. Ingram has hosted many charity and fundraising events in the warehouse where the cars were stored. The family thinks of the cars as “the stars,” and themselves as “just the caretakers.” 

Then, tragedy struck. In April 2019, a contractor accidentally struck a gas line in Durham, North Carolina, near the warehouse where the cars were stored. This led to an explosion that ultimately killed two people and injured over two dozen others. The explosion could be felt miles away, and the smoke even showed on weather radar. Besides the horrific loss of life and injuries, there were a few other casualties as well: half the roof of the warehouse storing the Ingram Collection caved in, destroying some of the cars, damaging several others, and covering all in dirt and debris. 

To aid in the restoration of the salvageable treasures, Mr. Ingram hired the Automotive Appearance Specialists ™ at August Precision, a local to Raleigh, North Carolina company. August Precision was instrumental in restoring four of the cars to their original beauty and functionality. The purple 918 Spyder, completed by August Precision, is one of just under 1,000 produced during a 21-month period by Porsche.  


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