David Z. Avatar
David Z.
5 star rating
8/18/2023 - Yelp
Grabbed a brand new integra type S, a week later I had to drive it to Vegas - they made... read more
Brian Hueske Avatar
Brian Hueske
7/29/2023 - Google
The guys at August Precision were fantastic. Took my brand new car to them for paint correction, ceramic coating, and... read more
Ryan Foust Avatar
Ryan Foust
6/29/2023 - Google
I am very happy with my paint correction, ceramic coating, and window tint. Marshall and his team are very talented... read more
Anthony Civello Avatar
Anthony Civello
6/02/2023 - Google
After picking up our new Porsche Cayenne, we took it to August Precision for a full body Ceramic Coating &... read more
Matt Fisher Avatar
Matt Fisher
5/21/2023 - Google
The team did a great job ceramic coating my Jeep
Extremely Satisfied Customer!
T Williams Avatar
T Williams
5/18/2023 - Google
Outstanding finished product. You can have complete confidence in their abilities. I bought my SUV from the dealership where I... read more
Connor Hamilton Avatar
Connor Hamilton
5/10/2023 - Google
Chris at August Precision went above and beyond to make it happen for my new 2023 Chevy Colorado. He took... read more
Jaskeerat Singh Avatar
Jaskeerat Singh
5/05/2023 - Google
Got my model x front ppf and ceramic. Both Chris and Marshall are excellent to work with. Would come back... read more
Rajan Shah Avatar
Rajan Shah
5/05/2023 - Google
Got a ceramic coating done on my matte finished car. These guys did an incredible job, will be going back... read more
Josh E Avatar
Josh E
4/05/2023 - Google
Had August Precision polish and apply the ceramic coating to my new McLaren and it looked better than when they... read more
John Adams Avatar
John Adams
4/05/2023 - Google
I had my Tesla Model Y front bumper, headlights and running lights wrapped in PPF! They did an amazing job... read more
Debra Alfisi-Robertson Avatar
Debra Alfisi-Robertson
3/20/2023 - Facebook
I got my new bronco in red and i wanted to get a good ceramic coat on it so the... read more
Adam Avatar
3/05/2023 - Google
Marshall and team took care of wrapping my black model Y to protect the exterior and it was an excellent... read more
Rick Brandenburg Avatar
Rick Brandenburg
3/05/2023 - Google
August Precision is first-rate. They are professional, do quality work in a timely manner and deliver on their promises. I... read more
Ryan Petrie Avatar
Ryan Petrie
3/05/2023 - Google
This is legitimately the happiest I have ever been working with a small business. Marshall and Team were very... read more
Matt Fortun Avatar
Matt Fortun
3/05/2023 - Google
Got my truck paint corrected and ceramic coated here. Marshall, Chris, and Tyler were great to work with and did... read more
Rajesh Manickam Avatar
Rajesh Manickam
2/05/2023 - Google
I've been working with Marshall and his team since 2014. They have been excellent to work with and are... read more
David Barnhart Avatar
David Barnhart
2/05/2023 - Google
Excellent service. The ceramic coating looks great, and they took time to remove many surface defects in the paint,... read more
Marwa Salem Avatar
Marwa Salem
2/02/2023 - Google
These guys were great. I bought my new car remotely from out of state and had it transported via carrier... read more
Charlie Jones Avatar
Charlie Jones
1/05/2023 - Google
Chris and his team did a great job detailing my car before I sold it. He also offered to let... read more
J C Avatar
1/05/2023 - Google
My car began to smell really badly in the backseat and trunk. We discovered dead mice underneath the spare... read more
ashitha kuturi Avatar
ashitha kuturi
1/05/2023 - Google
Top notch quality and service! I got a ceramic coating for my new GLC 300 and the finishing was absolutely... read more
Gregory Ballew Avatar
Gregory Ballew
12/05/2022 - Google
Recently purchased a new Honda Civic Si and took it right to august precision for paint protection film application and... read more
Stephen Jo Avatar
Stephen Jo
11/05/2022 - Google
Just had my new 50th anniversary M3 PPF’ed at August. Marshall and his team are super professionals and did such... read more
Billy Avatar
11/05/2022 - Google
Great people, very responsive, professional, and amazing work. I use them for auto detailing and recently for new car prep,... read more
Robert Ancheta Avatar
Robert Ancheta
11/05/2022 - Google
Couldn’t say enough good things about this shop. Had a body shop ruin our 2021 Yukon with clear coat overspray... read more
Milos Sainovic Avatar
Milos Sainovic
11/05/2022 - Google
No one better to paint correct and ceramic coat a vehicle! Marshall and the team are second to none!
David Johnston Avatar
David Johnston
11/05/2022 - Google
The gang at August Precision took a black, 1993 Audi CS 100 and made it look new again. With... read more
Lisa Jordan Avatar
Lisa Jordan
10/05/2022 - Google
A great service for a good price with excellent customer service! August Precision ceramics coated my new car. ... read more
Matthew Kinstler Avatar
Matthew Kinstler
10/05/2022 - Google
Marshall and his team did a paint correction and ceramic coating for my X7, the car looks amazing. He was... read more
Paul Armstrong Avatar
Paul Armstrong
10/05/2022 - Google
I heard about August Precision from a neighbor. I needed someone to fully detail my 911 GT3 touring that was... read more
Blake Avatar
9/05/2022 - Google
The team at August Precision did a great job on my vehicle. When I called initially they took the time... read more
Blake T. Avatar
Blake T.
5 star rating
8/07/2022 - Yelp
The team at August Precision did a great job on my vehicle. When I called initially they took the time... read more
Terrance Lee Avatar
Terrance Lee
8/05/2022 - Google
The August Precision team was very helpful and knowledgeable in helping me achieve my goal for my 23 integra (i... read more
Teresa Ann Avatar
Teresa Ann
8/05/2022 - Google
August Precision did a super job on my car! I got the Gold Package with Ceramic Pro 9H coating and... read more
Parker Ennis Avatar
Parker Ennis
7/07/2022 - Google
A big thanks goes out to the entire team. It's been a long time since I've gone out of my... read more
Parker Ennis Avatar
Parker Ennis
7/07/2022 - Facebook
Cross posting from my review on Google. A big thanks goes out to the entire team. It's been a long... read more
Brian Gilger Avatar
Brian Gilger
6/05/2022 - Google
Friendly expert service. Wonderful job on both our new and older cars.
Ahmad MacNeil Avatar
Ahmad MacNeil
6/05/2022 - Google
Amazing customer service, and very knowledgeable staff. They kept me updated on the status of my car during the entire... read more
John Balla Avatar
John Balla
6/05/2022 - Google
When my mother in law when out of town, she left her car with us and we dropped her off... read more
Todd Lopez Avatar
Todd Lopez
6/05/2022 - Google
I had my 2021 4Runner Venture ceramic coated at this shop and am very pleased with the results. The... read more
Max Dancik Avatar
Max Dancik
6/05/2022 - Google
Awesome place. Very professional and knowledgeable staff and owner. They told me everything I needed to know and... read more
Kyle St.Jean Avatar
Kyle St.Jean
6/05/2022 - Google
Marshall is a true professional. I've had 2 vehicles detailed, paint corrected, and ceramic coated. He stands by his work... read more
Jayson Greene Avatar
Jayson Greene
6/05/2022 - Google
Guys did a great job. Exceeded expectations. Interior/exterior detail Ceramic coating
Thys Wind Avatar
Thys Wind
6/05/2022 - Google
Chris and his team are true professionals. They came highly recommended by a good friend and talented auto detailer,... read more
MCJ MCJ Avatar
6/05/2022 - Google
I discovered August Precision online following the recent purchase of my new car. After seeing the stellar reviews, it... read more
Al Hamel Avatar
Al Hamel
6/05/2022 - Google
My Cars/Trucks are my kids! I've been a loyal customer for years. Marshall, Chris and the entire crew do... read more
Robert Simpson Avatar
Robert Simpson
6/05/2022 - Google
Paint polish and ceramic coating done on Audi RS7 with black paint. Before and after is remarkable! Paint is like... read more
Ken Brackin Avatar
Ken Brackin
6/05/2022 - Google
Marshall and his team did a fantabulous job detailing my work truck…. It was very disgusting and caked with mud... read more
Jim Anderson Avatar
Jim Anderson
6/05/2022 - Google
I took a black 2014 Jaguar with some swirl marks and oxidation. They corrected the paint and put ceramic... read more
William Grebe Avatar
William Grebe
6/05/2022 - Google
Ceramic coating on new car. Awesome service and communication. I was an hour or so away and they... read more
Lonnie “Gee” Green Avatar
Lonnie “Gee” Green
6/05/2022 - Google
Will, I will start with the purchase of a new car. I am thankful to have my dream car, but... read more
Guo Wu Avatar
Guo Wu
6/05/2022 - Google
My experience with the group, especially Marshall, was great from the beginning. Marshall walked me through the process, made recommendations... read more
Jackie Dodge Avatar
Jackie Dodge
6/05/2022 - Google
Chris was very knowledgeable and transparent on their services and pricing. My grey fabric interior is looking like new !... read more
Ben Slepp Avatar
Ben Slepp
6/05/2022 - Google
Great follow-up service, communication, and overall experience. Will be coming back as a regular customer.
Lauren Bender Avatar
Lauren Bender
6/05/2022 - Google
Marshall and team at August Precision did a fabulous job on a paint correction for my C300. Thank you!
Irina Mcdonald Avatar
Irina Mcdonald
6/05/2022 - Google
I was very impressed with the work. Chris was very pleasant to talk with and very helpful . I will... read more
Michael Griffiths Avatar
Michael Griffiths
6/05/2022 - Google
Marshall and his team are truly professionals and offer tremendous service. Before even working on the vehicle Marshall was... read more
Matt Sossamon Avatar
Matt Sossamon
6/05/2022 - Google
I have used August Precision in the past and have always been very satisfied. I needed my underbody of my... read more
Graham Bird Avatar
Graham Bird
6/05/2022 - Google
Marshall, Chris and the team did a fantastic job in ceramic coating my car. I had many (many!) questions... read more
Mike Miranda Avatar
Mike Miranda
6/05/2022 - Google
Awesome guys. Communicated with me throughout the whole process and even after the service when I had follow up questions.... read more
Quentin Dane Avatar
Quentin Dane
6/05/2022 - Google
these guys are AMAZING.....I have a 'pet' FJ40 that I only trust to a very select few people....and August Precision... read more
B M Avatar
6/05/2022 - Google
With a dog and 2 Children, my 5 year old car was in need of a serious cleaning! August precision... read more
Greg Bauer Avatar
Greg Bauer
6/05/2022 - Google
August Precision turned my worn out Jag into a brand new one in three days! Simply amazing! I... read more
David Hocutt Avatar
David Hocutt
6/05/2022 - Google
Thank you to Marshall and his team ! Great customer service and my Chevrolet truck and my father’s Cadillac looks... read more
Roosevelt Campbell Avatar
Roosevelt Campbell
6/05/2022 - Google
Marshall did a fantastic job in ceramic coating my 2021 Dodge Charger Scatpack all for a reasonable price. They provided... read more
Chris J. Avatar
Chris J.
5 star rating
5/18/2022 - Yelp
I discovered August Precision online following the recent purchase of my new car. After seeing the stellar reviews, it... read more
Kyle Martin Avatar
Kyle Martin
5/05/2022 - Google
I reached out to August Precision for help after I had another detailer in the area apply a ceramic coating... read more
Frederick L. Avatar
Frederick L.
5 star rating
5/04/2022 - Yelp
A co-worker recommended ceramic coating to me for my new car. So I consulted the Google and August Precision came... read more
Mark Z. Avatar
Mark Z.
5 star rating
4/03/2022 - Yelp
Brought my eight year old 911S to Marshall and Chris for paint correction and ceramic coating. My Porsche looks... read more
Rich G. Avatar
Rich G.
5 star rating
2/23/2022 - Yelp
Did partial PPF on my new car. Great job, no issues, reasonable price
Chris R. Avatar
Chris R.
5 star rating
2/09/2022 - Yelp
want to give a shoutout to the August Precision team for an amazing Job. Dropped of my C8 and attention... read more
Cailin W. Avatar
Cailin W.
5 star rating
1/17/2022 - Yelp
They did a great job with the ceramic coating on my car. Very professional and responsive. Great to work with!
Michael G. Avatar
Michael G.
5 star rating
1/07/2022 - Yelp
Marshall and his team are truly professionals and offer tremendous service. Before even working on the vehicle Marshall was... read more
Chip D. Avatar
Chip D.
5 star rating
12/10/2021 - Yelp
Plain and Simple, these guys have their shit together. I Just bought a new truck that cost more than... read more
Shayn Lasa Avatar
Shayn Lasa
10/23/2021 - Google
Marshall, Chris, and the rest of the team have made the experience of getting the paint on my Viper corrected... read more
Neil G Avatar
Neil G
10/20/2021 - Google
Thanks to Chris and Marshall for the paint correction and ceramic coating. They made my 3-year old car look brand... read more
Stephanie Avatar
10/14/2021 - Google
Marshall, Chris, and Team at August Precision did a fantastic job on my brand new 2021 Tesla Model S by... read more
Lauren Bender-Shewman Avatar
Lauren Bender-Shewman
10/01/2021 - Facebook
Marshall and team at August Precision did a fabulous job on a paint correction for my C300. Thank you!
Charley August Avatar
Charley August
9/15/2021 - Google
Marshall and Chris do a hell of a job over at August Precison. Informative , thorough, genuine , and at... read more
Greg Wiener Avatar
Greg Wiener
8/23/2021 - Google
What an amazing experience. Marshall, Chris and Tyler were fantastic. Marshall the owner is superb, he takes pride in his... read more
Marion Snipes Avatar
Marion Snipes
7/31/2021 - Facebook
My Corvette looks showroom ready.
Elena Cortright Avatar
Elena Cortright
6/05/2021 - Google
I would highly recommend August Precision to anyone wanting their car detailed. Chris and his team were extremely kind, professional... read more
Pamela Mork Avatar
Pamela Mork
6/05/2021 - Google
My car looked amazing!! The team work hard and do a fantastic job.
Jeff Edward Avatar
Jeff Edward
6/05/2021 - Google
The guys at August Precision were very responsive and easy to work with. They understood what I wanted done,... read more
AJ Butcher Avatar
AJ Butcher
6/05/2021 - Google
By far, this was the best car detailing experience I've ever had! From start to finish, Marshall and his... read more
Derek Wheeler Avatar
Derek Wheeler
6/05/2021 - Google
These guys are the best. I have a black 2018 Camry SE and after the paint treatment and ceramic... read more
Kyle Gray Avatar
Kyle Gray
6/05/2021 - Google
From the time I contacted August Precision through the completion of the new car prep on our SUV the experience... read more
Devin F Avatar
Devin F
6/05/2021 - Google
Chris is knowledgeable, professional and made the right recommendations for my car. I will be recommending Chris and August Precision... read more
Brent Hooper Avatar
Brent Hooper
6/05/2021 - Google
Great experience start to finish. The entire process performed on my truck was explained in detail. I received updates/pictures during... read more
Russell Finleyson Avatar
Russell Finleyson
6/05/2021 - Google
Chris and his team did an outstanding job paint correcting my 2017 Mercedes S Class Coupe. They are true professionals... read more
Jasmine Spivey Avatar
Jasmine Spivey
6/05/2021 - Google
Marshall and his team did an absolutely amazing job on my 2021 Hyundai Tucson. I wanted to keep it looking... read more
Mimosa Avatar
6/05/2021 - Google
I'm very happy that I chose to come here to get paint correction and a ceramic coating. They did a... read more
Charlotte Harrison Avatar
Charlotte Harrison
6/05/2021 - Google
I made several phone calls after getting a new car last month to look into Ceramic Pro coating. Once I... read more
Robert McGee Avatar
Robert McGee
6/05/2021 - Google
I went on a whim and decided to choose this place to detail my new car. The price was great... read more
Rachel Davis Avatar
Rachel Davis
6/05/2021 - Google
Great service! I got a new car for the first time ever back in December and got a paint sealant... read more
Adam Rapp Avatar
Adam Rapp
6/05/2021 - Google
I got my Tesla Model 3 restored and detailed and ceramic coated. I'm writing this review about a year after... read more
Julio Gonzalez Avatar
Julio Gonzalez
6/05/2021 - Google
Super professional and fantastic quality work. Got my new 19 wheels ceramic coated. Drove all the way from Fayetteville NC... read more
Steve Swann Avatar
Steve Swann
6/05/2021 - Google
My car looks great. The staff did an excellent job and were very friendly and professional. I highly... read more
Casey Swope Avatar
Casey Swope
6/05/2021 - Google
Quick and quality service.
Crystal Veler Avatar
Crystal Veler
6/05/2021 - Google
AWESOME service & quality!!! I called August Precision in a panic. My sons washed my car for me (awesome,... read more
Glenn Setliff Jr. Avatar
Glenn Setliff Jr.
6/05/2021 - Google
I had paint repair (overspray removal) and ceramic coating done on my Dodge Charger, and the results are outstanding. ... read more
Velocity Motorworks Avatar
Velocity Motorworks
6/05/2021 - Google
August Precision performed excellent work making my Yukon look great again inside and out! It looks so good... read more
99mgault Avatar
6/05/2021 - Google
As with any service that you pay good money for, you expect quality service and a good outcome... August Precision... read more
Terence Bethea Avatar
Terence Bethea
6/05/2021 - Google
Very professional
Joseph Henry Knight Avatar
Joseph Henry Knight
6/05/2021 - Google
August precision did great work on my Focus ST. I had them do a full detail and a ceramic coating.... read more
Ford F. Avatar
Ford F.
6/05/2021 - Google
Nothing but great things to say about August Precision. They were professional from start to finish and the quality was... read more
Shaun McGuigan Avatar
Shaun McGuigan
6/05/2021 - Google
Excellent job of applying ceramic surface protection on a 2020 Porsche 911. Highly recommend these guys.
Brian Witherspoon Avatar
Brian Witherspoon
6/05/2021 - Google
High quality work and service.
M Young Avatar
M Young
6/05/2021 - Google
These guys know what they're doing. I was concerned about anyone messing with my truck after it sustained smoke... read more
Dalton Avatar
6/05/2021 - Google
This team was incredible, and I was blown away by the work they did. They're extremely accommodating and I got... read more
Just Sparks Avatar
Just Sparks
6/05/2021 - Google
Great people and great service. Would recommend.
Howard Woodall Avatar
Howard Woodall
6/05/2021 - Google
Thoroughly enjoyable experience with great results on the ceramic coating package. The team was very responsive, professional and answered all... read more
Greg L Avatar
Greg L
6/05/2021 - Google
Brought my BMW M5 in for a Ceramic Coating. The guys at August Precision are courteous, professional, and treat your... read more
Angelo Ramelb Avatar
Angelo Ramelb
6/05/2021 - Google
Great reliable service. Was really helpful and responsive too. Definitely recommend!
tim urdi Avatar
tim urdi
6/05/2021 - Google
Paint correction and ceramic coating on my 2020 hellcat done perfectly, highly recommend
Eduardo R Avatar
Eduardo R
6/05/2021 - Google
Chris and his team did an Outstanding job on my new 2021 Land Rover Defender! I was impressed with their... read more
Russell Zuccone Avatar
Russell Zuccone
6/05/2021 - Google
Marshall and his team did an amazing job on my 2021 Mercedes. Even though the car was brand... read more
Joyner Freeman Avatar
Joyner Freeman
6/05/2021 - Google
The guys at August Precision an amazing job correcting my paint and ceramic coating my Titan! It looks better... read more
Derek Keeler Avatar
Derek Keeler
6/05/2021 - Google
Above and beyond what I was expecting. I've owned my motorcycle since brand new and when I got it back... read more
MaryAnn Tipton Avatar
MaryAnn Tipton
6/05/2021 - Google
August Precision did a great job detailing my vehicle! They were meticulous and made sure to clean the nooks and... read more
Courtney White Avatar
Courtney White
6/05/2021 - Google
Professional, customer-oriented, quality work.
Vanderlei Casagrande Bellettini Avatar
Vanderlei Casagrande Bellettini
6/05/2021 - Google
They did a really great work on my 2014 car. Very professional and great service!!
Allie Roye Avatar
Allie Roye
6/05/2021 - Google
I brought my 2007 Mazda 6 (which is my pride and joy.. I honestly love my car) and I could... read more
Scott Stedman Avatar
Scott Stedman
6/05/2021 - Google
I work in construction and got paint overspray on my truck from a project next to ours. I immediately called... read more
Pete Lewis Avatar
Pete Lewis
6/05/2021 - Google
I don't mind paying for quality and thats what these guys deliver. But more importantly they pay attention to the... read more
Greg Keller Avatar
Greg Keller
6/05/2021 - Google
The quality was very good and the guys took a lot of pride in their work. I had received a... read more
Hugo Garcia Avatar
Hugo Garcia
6/05/2021 - Google
Got my subaru sti paint corrected and ceramic coated and couldn’t be happier with the results. Guys here did an... read more
Tim Shearer Avatar
Tim Shearer
6/05/2021 - Google
Recently obtained an older Mercedes, and wanted to ceramic coat it to preserve the paintwork. Looked around at a number... read more
Lauren Brockman Avatar
Lauren Brockman
5/23/2021 - Facebook
To see the before and after is remarkable. I highly recommend August and his team.
Terry Butler Avatar
Terry Butler
4/05/2021 - Facebook
I am very OCD about my vehicles. They meet and exceed my expectations. They not only did what they said... read more
Joyner Freeman Avatar
Joyner Freeman
4/03/2021 - Facebook
The guys at August Precision an amazing job correcting my paint and ceramic coating my Titan! It looks better... read more
Stephen Lazoff Avatar
Stephen Lazoff
3/20/2021 - Facebook
Thorough work and completed as promised.
Lawrence Baxter Avatar
Lawrence Baxter
3/08/2021 - Facebook
Marshall and his team did a fantastic job making my new wheels look better than new (literally)! They also... read more
Josh Stevens Avatar
Josh Stevens
3/08/2021 - Facebook
Excellent work. Marshall and his crew do a wonderful job. I recommend them for any vehicle you have.
Rebecca Johnson Avatar
Rebecca Johnson
11/19/2020 - Facebook
My husband and I had a wonderful experience with August Precision. We thought we were getting a basic car wash,... read more
Shianne Roan Avatar
Shianne Roan
10/17/2020 - Facebook
I left the sunroof open on my Yukon during a rainstorm. August precision detailed the inside, got the (absurd amount)... read more
Janel L. Avatar
Janel L.
5 star rating
10/17/2020 - Yelp
Needed a last minute detailing after a ride with my dog to the groomers left a gash in the leather... read more
James R Carroll Avatar
James R Carroll
7/25/2020 - Facebook
I have been using AP for 5 years. They are always on time and very professional. They do... read more
Joey English Avatar
Joey English
6/05/2020 - Google
I recently purchased a used 2018 Audi A5 Sportback. Despite being a beautiful vehicle, there was some obvious signs of... read more
Dan Wilson Avatar
Dan Wilson
6/05/2020 - Google
Guys here were very friendly and professional. They also did a great job on my Tesla Model 3. High quality work.
Fred Sessoms Avatar
Fred Sessoms
6/05/2020 - Google
Great work had my wife Lavante Ceramic coated over 3 months ago and coating still looks like day one application
Jefferson Balin Avatar
Jefferson Balin
6/05/2020 - Google
These guys rock! Cleaned mini van, Jeep, and Honda CR-V for us. Unbelievable job, my wife... read more
Christopher Kontos Avatar
Christopher Kontos
6/05/2020 - Google
Marshall and his team at August Precision did a paint restoration and ceramic coating on my 2016 Audi S3, and... read more
Ahzu Direct Avatar
Ahzu Direct
6/05/2020 - Google
Really nice nice people and very prossional. This is one of the best detailers I have ever worked with.
Steve May Avatar
Steve May
6/05/2020 - Google
They did such an amazing job on my Highlander, the car looks brand new. Thank you so much for an... read more
Hansell P Avatar
Hansell P
6/05/2020 - Google
Excellent work. Quick, great communication. Professional.
C Silver Avatar
C Silver
6/05/2020 - Google
My cars were in need of a wash and I was referred by a friend to August Precision. We connected... read more
ginger allen Avatar
ginger allen
6/05/2020 - Google
Marshall and his crew are extremely professional and did an incredible job... from text to schedule, to detailing my car... read more
Marc Hamel Avatar
Marc Hamel
6/05/2020 - Google
This is the second time I have used August Precision Detailing in Raleigh for washing, waxing and interior clean. ... read more
J Morris Avatar
J Morris
6/05/2020 - Google
August Precision has the best quality service. Every time I get my car cleaned with his company my car always... read more
T. D. Hicks Avatar
T. D. Hicks
6/05/2020 - Google
First class service! Professional, top notch car detail while waiting in a luxurious lounge! My car was so... read more
Michael Story Avatar
Michael Story
6/05/2020 - Google
Marshall and his guys did a great job on both of our cars. His guys were very polite and professional... read more
Paul Schmidt Avatar
Paul Schmidt
6/05/2020 - Google
Great job on my vehicle and very customer focussed.
Shawn Smith Avatar
Shawn Smith
6/05/2020 - Google
August Precision is hands down the best Ceramic coating and detail service around. Marshall went over and beyond helping... read more
Todd Wilson Avatar
Todd Wilson
6/05/2020 - Google
It’s rare to find a team of people that care as much as Marshall’s team. They go above and beyond... read more
J D Avatar
6/05/2020 - Google
These guys are top notch. Made my 02 Lexus shine like I just bought it. Money well spent and... read more
Emilio Gonzalez Avatar
Emilio Gonzalez
6/05/2020 - Google
Thank you! Nice services!
richard brock Avatar
richard brock
6/05/2020 - Google
Professional and talented - I would thoroughly recommend these guys without hesitation. Amazing work and great customer focus 👍
greg thompson Avatar
greg thompson
6/05/2020 - Google
Marshall and his crew made my 2011 Toyota Tundra look and feel brand new. Very Impressive !!
Maggi Hutch Avatar
Maggi Hutch
6/05/2020 - Google
Highly recommend August Precision. I had my brand new car prepped and coated with Ceramic Pro 9H plus a coat... read more
Kelly Springle Avatar
Kelly Springle
6/05/2020 - Google
This was my first time taking my car to August Precision. I called and was able to schedule an appointment... read more
Karn Gupta Avatar
Karn Gupta
6/05/2020 - Google
Found about Marshall from a friend. Needed to get ceramic coating done on our new car. He was readily reachable... read more
Michael Avatar
6/05/2020 - Google
I brought in my Black chevy tahoe and the team did a great job! I was concerned about certain things... read more
Jennifer Michael Avatar
Jennifer Michael
6/05/2020 - Google
Marshall and his team are amazing! They Can dig out every last goldfish and make my mom car look... read more
T H Avatar
6/05/2020 - Google
Marshall and his team transformed my FJ62 into new. They are outstanding in every way. Marshall went out... read more
Russell Lupton Avatar
Russell Lupton
6/05/2020 - Google
August has been detailing my vehicles for years now. I was one of his very first customers almost 10... read more
Vernon Pugh Avatar
Vernon Pugh
6/05/2020 - Google
Marshall and his staff are the very best. I used them again and they are so easy to work... read more
Andrew Bilitski Avatar
Andrew Bilitski
6/05/2020 - Google
Amazing ceramic coating on my TLX. More than reasonably priced. Easy to work with and all around great service.
Paula Tu Avatar
Paula Tu
6/05/2020 - Google
Great customer service and great job on the detailing. These guys made my car cabin look brand new. Couldn't even... read more
Adrian Douglas Avatar
Adrian Douglas
6/05/2020 - Google
Marshall and the team at August Precision are in a class above the rest. From the minute I asked for... read more
Virginia Ehlers Avatar
Virginia Ehlers
6/05/2020 - Google
Marshall and his crew have been cleaning and detailing my cars for years! I love that they come to... read more
ravi patel Avatar
ravi patel
6/05/2020 - Google
August Precision ALWAYS does a great job with my vehicles! The employees are very courteous and always on time.
Karen Arnold Avatar
Karen Arnold
6/05/2020 - Google
New to the Raleigh area, I was searching for a high end car detailing company. I was struggling because no... read more
Letisha McLaughlin Lam Avatar
Letisha McLaughlin Lam
6/05/2020 - Google
I'm very happy with the service from August Precision. I have a minivan (and three small children, so the mess... read more
Gregg Gaylard Avatar
Gregg Gaylard
11/01/2019 - Facebook
Great experience with the team at August Precision!
The car looks like new again thx to their expertise and effort!...
read more
Mike Bennawit Avatar
Mike Bennawit
10/15/2019 - Facebook
Great Job, Marshall and crew. This guy is passionate about his work and cares about each one of his customers.

read more
Kimberly H. Avatar
Kimberly H.
5 star rating
10/08/2019 - Yelp
These guys are amazing...I don't understand how they get the car so clean. Punctual, reasonable, so polite. Highly recommend.
Jennifer M. Avatar
Jennifer M.
5 star rating
9/27/2019 - Yelp
Marshall and his team are amazing! They can get out every goldfish and french fry and leave my car... read more
Adrian Douglas Avatar
Adrian Douglas
6/25/2019 - Facebook
Top Place to go in Raleigh could not recommend more Marshall and his team from response times, professional work and... read more
Janet West Tedder Avatar
Janet West Tedder
6/19/2019 - Facebook
These are without a doubt the most thorough and professional gentlemen I have dealt with! They continue to go above... read more
Ric Sackett Avatar
Ric Sackett
6/06/2019 - Facebook
Marshall and Brian always treat my cars as if they’re theirs. They always come looking back showroom new, inside and out.
Ken Phares Avatar
Ken Phares
6/05/2019 - Google
August Precision did a great job of cleaning, polishing and applying 4 coats of ceramic coat to my Tesla. ... read more
Nicholas Hill Avatar
Nicholas Hill
6/05/2019 - Google
Exquisite. No one does staged paint correction like this. No one can make you feel like your car is new... read more
Jeffrey Smith Avatar
Jeffrey Smith
6/05/2019 - Google
Can’t say enough good things about Marshall and his team at August Precision. Whether it is a simple cleaning... read more
Joshua Terepka Avatar
Joshua Terepka
6/05/2019 - Google
Definitely pleased with the quality work performed. I have never had another person detail my car, as I was taught... read more
Rob Moscato Avatar
Rob Moscato
6/05/2019 - Google
Very professional and excellent work. Marshall and his team are true professionals!!
Dallas Wilson Avatar
Dallas Wilson
6/05/2019 - Google
The best customized car care in the Triangle. Marshall’s team takes care of all our washing, cleaning, polishing and... read more
Rob Barton Avatar
Rob Barton
6/05/2019 - Google
Nice job! My truck looks new again!
Ryan Link Avatar
Ryan Link
6/05/2019 - Google
Took care of my RAM 1500. Inside and out truck looks brand new! Highly recommend!
shane nolan Avatar
shane nolan
6/05/2019 - Google
August Precision - Best ceramic coating in Raleigh. These guys are real car professionals that take the time to do... read more
Eric Grindley Avatar
Eric Grindley
6/05/2019 - Google
Marshall is hands down the best detailer in the business. I will always take my cars to him. He can... read more
Adam Underwood Avatar
Adam Underwood
6/05/2019 - Google
Absolutely unparalleled service and attention to detail. Very fairly priced. These guys take pride in everything they do.
Marc Shapiro Avatar
Marc Shapiro
6/05/2019 - Google
Marshall and his team have been washing my car is for years. They do a great job. They are professionalism... read more
Oyin Olowu Avatar
Oyin Olowu
6/05/2019 - Google
I used August precision hand wash detailing service for the first time after I did a google search . I... read more
Michelle Brown Avatar
Michelle Brown
6/05/2019 - Google
They always do a great job on my car! A quick text and it’s done at my house or work—I... read more
Neal M Avatar
Neal M
6/05/2019 - Google
Great service, excellent work!
Rick Gaetano Avatar
Rick Gaetano
6/05/2019 - Google
Highly recommend Marshal and his team....he put a high quality ceramic coat that creates constant compliments. His team treats the... read more
Kirby Turner Avatar
Kirby Turner
6/05/2019 - Google
Onsite Detailing. Timely, thorough, and professional. Great job. Will use again.
R Viverette Avatar
R Viverette
6/05/2019 - Google
After having utilized several different car detailing services in the area, August Precision is hands down the best in the... read more
Fraser Van Asch Avatar
Fraser Van Asch
6/05/2019 - Google
The guys arrived on time and took care of business efficiently and effectively. They didn't miss a thing and my... read more
Satish Mathan Avatar
Satish Mathan
6/05/2019 - Google
They have taken amazing care of my cars for over six years, have restored black cars to brand new with... read more
Kelvin Hawkins Avatar
Kelvin Hawkins
6/05/2019 - Google
The internet wins every single time. Found August on the web then on Instagram just as a bought... read more
Stefan Le Avatar
Stefan Le
6/05/2019 - Google
Very thorough job with the interior detailing. They care about doing a great job and would definitely recommend them.
Joe Mammarappallil Avatar
Joe Mammarappallil
6/05/2019 - Google
Excellent, Mobile, Professional Car Wash and Detail Service. A+ Work!
Kristan Lloyd Avatar
Kristan Lloyd
6/05/2019 - Google
The guys at August Precision provide amazing results and are so easy to work with. Last year, they paint... read more
Don Walston Avatar
Don Walston
6/05/2019 - Google
First of all I would say he tells me what are you gonna do and he does it I trust... read more
Tina S. Avatar
Tina S.
5 star rating
6/01/2019 - Yelp
I have been using this service since returning to the u.s in 2010. I am a homemaker & have many... read more
Alyson Gillis Avatar
Alyson Gillis
5/31/2019 - Facebook
greatesr detail shop I've been to.
Roger Richardson Avatar
Roger Richardson
5/24/2019 - Facebook
They are top notch detail!! If you are looking for someone to wash, detail or ceramic coating you will not... read more
Joshua Terepka Avatar
Joshua Terepka
5/22/2019 - Facebook
Definitely pleased with the quality work performed. I have never had another person detail my car, as I was taught... read more
Helen Spielman Avatar
Helen Spielman
5/19/2019 - Facebook
August Precision has been cleaning my cars for many years. They do an outstanding job, leaving my car looking almost... read more
Ronan R. Avatar
Ronan R.
5 star rating
5/17/2019 - Yelp
Can't say enough about Marshall and the team at August Precision. Very responsive. Answered all of my questions. Scheduled a... read more
Frank Avelar Avatar
Frank Avelar
5/14/2019 - Facebook
Need a professional detailing service? August Precision is the right place to go! Their knowledge, professionalism and quality of work... read more
Mike Sicc Avatar
Mike Sicc
5/11/2019 - Facebook
They are amazing! They took care of my Chevy Tahoe and had it ready for the day. It looked amazing,... read more
Scarlett Wilson Avatar
Scarlett Wilson
5/01/2019 - Facebook
Excellent, friendly, efficient service. My 2011 Lexus looks brand new.
Anjlika Mcknz Avatar
Anjlika Mcknz
3/25/2019 - Facebook
FIVE STARS!!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ????????
Kevin Lamont Fleet Avatar
Kevin Lamont Fleet
2/07/2019 - Facebook
two words expert detailing.
Kay Vilushis Avatar
Kay Vilushis
2/04/2019 - Facebook
I was referred to August Precision & was very pleased with the service and professionalism of these gentlemen. I had... read more
David Stafford Avatar
David Stafford
9/27/2018 - Facebook
Marshall and team did an Incredible job correcting the paint on a new Tesla Model X followed by ceramic coating... read more
Dennis Coley Avatar
Dennis Coley
9/19/2018 - Facebook
Try there beautiful wash !!
Kay Mat Avatar
Kay Mat
5/09/2018 - Facebook
Great work, hands down. Very respectable and dependable. Professional as well.
Alan Cassidy Avatar
Alan Cassidy
7/21/2017 - Facebook
Top notch. Highly recommended. Couldn't be happier with the results. It's hard to make a black car look perfect under... read more
Kyle Conner Avatar
Kyle Conner
4/14/2017 - Facebook
The best all around vehicle protection / maintenance for appearance in the area. They have worked on all of my... read more
Howard H. Avatar
Howard H.
5 star rating
3/11/2017 - Yelp
These guys have been coming to my house washing my cars for four years now. Marshall and Bryant are the... read more
Emily G Johnston Avatar
Emily G Johnston
11/10/2016 - Facebook
During a recent stay at the Umstead in Cary, August Precision took care of my car one afternoon. My car... read more
Mary Russell Avatar
Mary Russell
3/17/2016 - Facebook
This is an excellent, punctual company! They do great work at a great price. It is priceless to have them... read more

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