BEEDS Premium Ceramic Paint Treatment

August Precision uses BEEDS Premium Ceramic Paint Treatment.  We are 100% committed to using only the finest products and materials in our work and that is why we chose BEEDS as our Ceramic Paint Treatment product provider.

About BEEDS Premium Ceramic Paint Treatment

BEEDS Premium Ceramic Paint Treatment is a high performance coating solution that offers extreme hardness and can be applied to a various materials including paint clear coat, plastic and glass. Our treatments are currently used in varied industries from visual equipment to automotive racing.Beeds-HD

We provide exceptional ceramic-like properties and as such is extremely durable and robust, providing high chemical, UV and heat resistance. Typically applied to soft surfaces such as car paint. It not only increase hardness, it leaves a unformidable gloss in appearance and remarkable gains in surface thickness.

Our product is a treatment, instead of just a coating on top of the paint surface, it goes deep into the paint and crystallized within the pores. Thus changing the molecule structure of the clear coat completely. With this treatment, the protection is long lasting, hydrophobic performance will last for years not months.

Once the application is successful and fully cured, it forms a permanent bond within the paint. No chemical or solvent can remove it unless the paint surface is wet sanded or intensively polished with harsh rubbing compound.

The durability is very much dependent on the elements from the weather, which varies from countries to countries. With proper care and maintenance, the treatment should last up to 36 months or more.

A Little More About Beeds Products


Hybrid structure of SiO2 and SiC, VOC free, Non solvent based. High Viscosity, providing super thick and slick surface, built for high scratch resistance and thickness, hardness of 9H, highly anti static, thus minimum water spotting, oil base nature. Up 5 microns. Recommended application indoors. Can apply on paint surfaces, matte paint, glass, leather, vinyl surfaces, hard plastics & metal surfaces. Application varies. Long curing provides better hardness. Curing with IR lamp is recommended. BEEDS HD will provide super hydrophobic performance and super high wet gloss.

Easy on, easy off application. Lasts up to 36 months.

Watch the videos below for more information on how BEEDS products will protect, maintain and restore your automobiles appearance.

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