At August Precision, we specialize in elevating the appearance of vehicles through professional detailing, ceramic coating, and paint correction services. Our expertise ensures not only restoration but also protection for your car.

On April 18, 2024, our skilled Automotive Appearance Specialists™ had the pleasure of servicing a 2013 BMW 6-Series M6. The vehicle underwent meticulous preparation before receiving our premium ceramic coating treatment. The BMW’s exterior was thoroughly cleansed to enhance its high-gloss, reflective surface. Post-service, the 6-Series M6 boasted an exterior finish that surpassed showroom quality—truly a breathtaking transformation.

Our history with the BMW 6-Series M6 extends beyond this single vehicle. Each model serviced reinforces our commitment to maintaining the exquisite finish these luxury cars are renowned for. At August Precision, we understand the unique needs of BMW vehicles, particularly the 6-Series M6, ensuring they receive the utmost care and protection.

Dedicated to excellence in automotive restoration, August Precision leverages over a decade of industry experience. We employ the latest, high-quality vehicle care products sourced from leading global manufacturers. Our comprehensive service offerings include everything from a meticulous hand car wash to advanced paint correction, all designed to achieve a flawless appearance for your vehicle.

With a well-established reputation for exceptional quality and results, August Precision continues to be a leader in automotive appearance services. We offer a variety of service levels tailored to meet individual needs and ensure optimal care for your vehicle.

Explore our full range of services, including detailed information and pricing, on our services page. Let August Precision make your automotive restoration experience unforgettable, ensuring your BMW or any other vehicle looks and feels its best.

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