Buying a car is easily one of the most time-consuming decisions people make. Price, reliability, comfort, and style are just a few of the factors that influence buyers to do serious research before making such a huge commitment. It is strange then, that most people don’t make the same effort to ensure their car’s value is maintained by scheduling regular professional detailing.

After pay thousands of dollars for a car, maintaining its value is extremely important, especially if the owner plans to sell the car in the future. However, due to the wear and tear caused by regular exposure to the natural elements and every-day use, most cars’ value depreciates significantly within the first year of ownership. Over time the clear coat protecting a car’s paint starts to fade, and scratch marks or swirls begin to appear. Some cars clear coat may even start to peel off, leaving the paint underneath susceptible to further damage.

Luckily, there are countless products available to help protect the clear coat on a car, ranging from wax, paint sealant, glaze, hydrophobic sprays and a variety of all-in-one products. Other products, such as polishes, can also help in rejuvenating the clear coat and removing spot marks, swirls and oxidation. Still, these products should be used by a professional automotive appearance specialist to ensure the best results without damaging the car.

August Precision – Automotive Appearance Specialists

Going to amateurs or using paint protection products in a DIY fashion can cause swirls, smudge marks, and waxy residue, leaving the car in worse shape than it was in before. Professional automotive appearance specialists have the latest in vehicle care products to provide services that likely wouldn’t be done properly by an amateur. One popular and trusted auto detailer in the DMV area is August Precision. Boasting years of experience and premium quality detailing products, this business has made a commitment to offer only the best detailing experience for its customers.

Aside from the obvious benefit of getting professional detailing treatment for their car, customers also have the added advantage of automotive appearance specialists on site, and able to give them professional advice for the upkeep of their car. Professionals can make recommendations for services that will protect a car from unsightly scratches and overall wear, maintaining the value over time. They can also provide a guide for how often the car should be washed, detailed professionally, and treated with special, extensive services.

August Precision has a wide range of service options available to fit any budget. However, even the most basic options include the utmost attention detail. Almost all detailing packages include a combination of soft, imported cotton towels for drying, degreasing, a 100% hand wash with natural sea sponges, full paint decontamination with clay bar treatment, paint friendly shampoos, professional paint polishing, vent steam sanitation, and paint correction if needed.

Final Thoughts

Choosing to get regular, professional detailing for a car is clearly a smart decision to maintain its value. Cars value depreciates extremely fast without proper care, and can be damaged further by using amateur techniques. Consistent upkeep for a car may present a new expense, however it is a great investment. Whether a person plans to sell the car after a few years of use or keep it for several years to come, the benefits from hiring a professional clearly justify the cost.