Welcome to August Precision, your go-to experts in Raleigh, NC, for top-tier automotive detailing, ceramic coating, and paint correction services. Our goal is simple: to restore and safeguard your vehicle’s appearance, ensuring it always looks its best.

Recently, we had the pleasure of providing our specialized ceramic coating services to a stunning 2013 Ford Mustang. On March 28, 2024, the skilled Automotive Appearance Specialists™ at August Precision meticulously prepared and treated this iconic Ford with our premium Ceramic Coating service. The process involved a thorough cleansing of the Mustang’s exterior, unveiling its deep gloss and mirror-like finish. The transformation was remarkable, elevating the Ford Mustang to a condition even better than when it first graced the showroom floor. Our commitment to excellence has once again been proven with this project, and we eagerly anticipate more opportunities to work on Ford Mustangs, a vehicle truly deserving of our expert care and attention.

At August Precision, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled automotive restoration services. Our team of Automotive Appearance Specialists™ brings together years of expertise, cutting-edge techniques, and the finest quality products to rejuvenate your vehicle’s aesthetics. Our comprehensive suite of services includes everything from meticulous hand car washes and detailing to advanced ceramic coating and paint correction, all tailored to meet your unique needs. We source only the best vehicle care products from leading global brands, ensuring your vehicle receives the exceptional treatment it deserves.

With over a decade of experience in the automotive appearance industry, August Precision has established a solid reputation for exceptional quality and stunning results. Our extensive background working within various facets of the automotive sector enables us to offer unbeatable solutions, incorporating the latest advancements and maintenance systems for vehicle surfaces and finishes.

Choose August Precision for an automotive restoration experience that is second to none. Our dedication to excellence is unmatched, and we offer several levels of service to cater to every requirement. Visit our services page for more information on our offerings and pricing, and see why August Precision is the preferred choice for ceramic coating and automotive appearance services in Raleigh, NC, especially for cherished vehicles like the 2013 Ford Mustang.


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