Today August Precision officially joined the GYEON Certified Detailer Program.  This program gives August Precision the opportunity to work with advanced, professional ceramic coating systems like Q² DuraFlex, Q²Mohs+ or Q²DuraBead. All come with 5 year warranties and this period represents a huge obligation and responsibility with respect to our clients. GYEON only seeks the best and most professional companies in which they can entrust not only a great product but also the reputation of their company.


GYEON offers a range of premium quality products thoroughly tested to satisfy the needs of car detailing enthusiasts, as well as the exacting requirements of professionals. At GYEON, they spare no effort or expense to provide you with the most innovative solutions, always producing exceptional results and ensuring your satisfaction.

GYEON History

Since early years of the new millennium, GYEON has believed that the car care world is missing a quality, technologically advanced and customer focused brand. Years of development, testing and searching for the best ingredients lead to the debut of GYEON Quartz in 2012. The brand, located in a modern facility in the heart of South Korea, quickly established its position as the market leader in top notch ceramic coatings. Developing innovative maintenance products, GYEON combined user friendly characteristics and state of the art packaging, setting new levels in the industry.